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Waves Music Hackday 2015-2017

Music, Innovation & Hacking! In 2016 we joined the organisation team of the Waves Music Hackday which is an annual gathering of people with different backgrounds interested in music, technology and innovation.

The Waves Music Hackday is collaboratively organised by three university research groups in Vienna: The Music Information Retrieval Group and the Human Computer Interaction Group, both TU Wien, and the Cooperative Systems Research Group at the University of Vienna.

Left picture: Award winning participants of 2017

Right picture: Project team members from left to right:
Dr. Oliver Hödl (Universität Wien), Dr. Peter Knees, DI Thomas Lidy, Dr. Sebastian Böck, DI Alexander Schindler (TU Wien)

Visit http://www.wavesvienna.com/hackday and http://www.ifs.tuwien.ac.at/mir/hackday/ for further information!

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