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Facilitating Person-Centered Communication with international students: Case study focusing on the students? voice


Increasing globalization requires us to be in contact with and understand people from diverse origins and cultures. In order to meet this challenge, a blended learning course on ?Person-Centered Communication? has been designed to improve interpersonal communication within and across nations and to prepare academics for an international workplace. The course aims at providing experiential learning through person- and group-centered student-teacher interaction and heavily relies on the inclusion of both students and online media to enrich the active learning process. This contribution provides a case study of the course. It describes the course along with its objectives and emphasizes the significant, experiential learning of students from three continents, as perceived and expressed by the students in their own words.

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  • Sandor Klein
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WCCI 17th World Conference on Education
Computer Science Didactics and Learning Research Center
Informatik in Beziehung zu Mensch und Gesellschaft
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Budapest, Huingary
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July 10 – 15, 2016
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Educating for Democratic Governance and Global Citizenship.
978 0 692 69768 9
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pp. 1-523
July 2016
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