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The term “knowledge expert” is in the process of establishing itself as a name of a new occupational profile. On the one hand it refers to a generic qualification for knowledge-intensive economic branches and industrial branches, on the other hand, it denotes additional qualifications for all occupations in the tertiary educational area. Different knowledge technologies (methods of the knowledge development and knowledge acquisition, knowledge communication, knowledge transfer, and other forms of the purpose-driven contact with knowledge) are key qualifications and meta-professional competencies for all professional groups in the modern knowledge society.

E-Tutor is likewise a new occupational profile, in the educational sector, but also in economy and industry, everywhere where E Learning environments exist and are in use. The purpose of the project is the construction of two Blended Learning based courses for the acquisition of these key competences primarily by persons who have broken off their university study or have taken it up later again due to their biography. Key competencies in the area of knowledge technologies and educational technologies include in particular abilities in systematic knowledge acquisition, digital media, didactic knowledge, organization for the support of learning processes, knowledge communication in intercultural and international environments, creation of computer-aided and Internet-supported learning environments for studying groups and networks, creation and maintenance of learning platforms and learning content management systems, methods of information inquiry and search, cooperative knowledge management, knowledge modelling, information and content management, cooperative compilation of scientific texts and specialist papers of all kind, web (learning content), intercultural management, project management, quality management, human resource management, knowledge ethics, coaching and mentoring for learners, and so on.

The purpose is a new, occupational profile-oriented integration step with the connection of theoretical-methodical learning contents with immediately useable practical competencies and skills at a wide, interdisciplinary level. To reach this purpose, an integrative didactic draft of the project team is being developed.

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