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As a result of the re-organization of the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Vienna, the research group Entertainment Computing was founded in January 2011, and is headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Hlavacs.

The team was previously part of the Distributed Systems group of the Institute of Distributed and Multimedia Systems. Therefore, their scientific background includes Computer Networks, Middleware, Multimedia Communication, Quality of Multimedia Transmissions (especially video), Mobile Computing and sensors, and Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems. The latter resulted in the new research focus Energy Efficient ICT. Furthermore, Prof. Hlavacs concentrates on Computer Gaming and Entertainment for special groups.

The research group focuses on the acquisition of projects (public or industrial funding). Current projects focus on Mobile TV, entertainment and assistance for elderly people, and performance and energy efficiency of parallel software.

We are involved in several international networks dealing with Video Quality (COST IC804), Energy Efficiency (COST IC1003), and Computer Networks (Network of Excellence EuroNF). In Vienna, we cooperate with other departments of the University of Vienna (Department of Communication, Department of Nursing Science, Department of Clinical, Biological and Differential Psychology), with other universities (Medical University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, University of Applied Arts Vienna), and with the St. Anna Kinderspital.

Future subjects of research will include Virtual Psychological Therapy and Technology of Computer Games.

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