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Award for the best "Communication Software 2011"

David Stezenbach and his colleagues from the University of Wuerzburg (Germany) received the award for the best "Communication Software 2011" offered by the GI/ITG Fachgruppe KuVS (Kommunikation und Verteilte Systeme).

The research project "AquareYoum" was initiated and financed by the BmBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, Germany). AquareYoum (Application and Quality of Experience-Aware Resource Management for YouTube in Wireless Mesh Networks) is an application framework that offers the possibility to measure the QoE of a YouTube video stream with a client based application. Furthermore, techniques like traffic shaping and gateway selection were implemented in to enable the network operator to improve the endusers QoE in Wireless Mesh Networks.

For more information see: 

AquareYoum: www3.informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de/research/mnrg/aquareyoum/

KuVS: www.kuvs.de

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