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Speakers: Stefanie Rinderle-Ma, University of Vienna, Faculty of Computer Science Michael Binder, MedUni Vienna, University hospital for Dermatology

Title: Analyzing Health Data for the Evolution of Patient Treatment Processes  Pilot Project Skin Cancer.

The research cluster is one of six research clusters that are financed by the both universities for a period of three years having an overall funding budget of 1.3 Million Euros. The specific focus is on bridging basic and patient-oriented research (bench to bedside).

At the Faculty of Computer Science (University of Vienna), the research areas of Statistics & Data Analysis (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Grossmann, Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl Anton Froeschl) as well as Process Management Techology (Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Rinderle-Ma) are combined in order to leverage the wealth of existing health data by promoting a consistent integration of different data sources for the sake of identifying strengths and weaknesses of established clinical practices. Further on, empirically well-founded suggestions for refinements and adaptations of standard operation procedures are to be developed, contributing to the overall goals of benefiting the individual patient as well as optimising the efficiency of the health system at large.

The EBMC2 project can be also found in the web portal of the cluster projects funded by the University of Vienna and Medical University of Vienna.

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