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Mag. Michael Walch
Research and teaching staff
Universität Wien
Research Group Knowledge Engineering
Room: 4.33
Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien
T +43-1-4277-78924


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3 Publications

Journal Papers

  • Bork, Dominik and Fill, Hans-Georg and Karagiannis, Dimitris and Miron, Elena-Teodora and Tantouris, Nikolaos and Walch, Michael pp. 10-28 ISSN 1826-9745 Scuola IaD (2015)
  • Conference Papers/Workshop Papers

  • Bork, Dominik and Buchmann, Robert and Hawryszkiewycz, Igor Titus and Karagiannis, Dimitris and Tantouris, Nikolaos and Walch, Michael In: 14th IEEE Interational Conference on Smart City , 12-14 Dec 2016 , Sydney, Australia (2016)
  • Book Sections/Chapters

  • Karagiannis, Dimitris and Buchmann, Robert Andrei and Burzynski, Patrik and Reimer, Ulrich and Walch, Michael In: Domain-Specific Conceptual Modeling. Karagiannis, Dimitris; Buchmann Robert Andrei; Burzynski, Patrik; Reimer, Ulrich; Walch, Michael; , Vienna, pp. 3-30 ISBN 978-3-319-39417-6 (2016)
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