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RESLVE: Leveraging User Interest to Improve Entity Disambiguation on Short Text


We address the Named Entity Disambiguation (NED) prob- lem for short, user-generated texts on the social Web. In such settings, the lack of linguistic features and sparse lex- ical context result in a high degree of ambiguity and sharp performance drops of nearly 50% in the accuracy of conven- tional NED systems. We handle these challenges by develop- ing a model of user-interest with respect to a personal knowl- edge context; and Wikipedia, a particularly well-established and reliable knowledge base, is used to instantiate the proce- dure. We conduct systematic evaluations using individuals? posts from Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr and demonstrate that our novel technique is able to achieve substantial per- formance gains beyond state-of-the-art NED methods.

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Grafik Top
Paper in Conference Proceedings or in Workshop Proceedings (Paper)
Event Title
Web of Linked Entities (WoLE)
Multimedia Information Systems
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Rio de Janeiro
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Event Dates
May 13th
Series Name
Web of Linked Entities (WoLE) Workshop, co-located with WWW2013
13 May 2013
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