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LITERACY: Final Conference

The positive feedback of participants confirms that the Final LITERACY Conference at the faculty of computer science at the University of Vienna turned out to be a success. Despite a snow storm on that day (February 9th, 2015), over 30 people attended the Conference including partners and invited stakeholders from Austria, the UK, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Psychologists met computer scientists and pedagogists, and the academic participants shared with those from business, schools, and the non-profit sector. The President of the European Dyslexia Association, Michael Kalmar spoke about European-wide events and needs of dyslexic youth and adults today. Prof Colin Harrison from the University of Nottingham spoke about Online learning for people with dyslexia, responded to thoughtful questions and continued to participate for all three days of the meetings offering ideas and support especially in the area of further exploitation beyond the project lifetime of the LITERACY project.

A highlight of the day was presenting prizes to the winners of the LITERACY contest who submitted creative insights on dyslexia in youth. The winners of the first prices per category participated at the conference with great interest in the themes that were so central in their lives. They gave the conference an authentic touch. Finally, it was their condition that stood in the focus of an EU-wide project! They appeared to be moved by the experience and were interested in staying in touch and helping the project to expand and reach more of their dyslexic peers. In addition, the consortium met with researchers from the AGID project, an EU funded project also developing an online portal to help inclusion of impaired adults. The event ended with a workshop on using the LITERACY Portal and a round table discussion for networking. For more information consult: www.literacyproject.eu and www.literacyportal.eu.

Photos: Christina Böhm / Werner Schröttner

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