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The Open Models Laboratory (OMiLAB) provides an open innovation environment for modeling method engineering. Innovation within OMiLAB relates to the engineering of new domain-specific modelling methods. The created modeling methods are shared in a world-wide open and collaborative community. OMiLAB enables prototyping and experimentation in heterogeneous research areas. The backbone of the OMiLAB ecosystem is openness on multiple layers: content, methodology, and technology. Content refers to the sharing of research results, methodology refers to the application domain of modeling methods, and technology refers to the provision and use of open technologies. This paper introduces OMiLAB briefly focusing on the different evolved communities that constitute the OMiLAB ecosystem as it exists today.

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  • Andrei Niculescu
  • Olivia Doina Negoita
  • Bogdan Tiganoaia
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Paper in Conference Proceedings or in Workshop Proceedings (Paper)
Event Title
8th International Conference of Management and Industrial Engineering (ICMIE’2017)
Knowledge Engineering
Event Location
Bucharest, Romania
Event Type
Event Dates
12-14 Oct 2017
Series Name
International Conference of Management and Industrial Engineering - Management in the Innovation Society
Page Range
pp. 64-77
12 October 2017
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