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Customizing Conceptual Modeling: Using Livestock Supply Chains as an example


Increasing complexity is placing more emphasis on supporting stakeholders to develop innovative solutions. Any solution in complex environment requires extensive reasoning and argumentation between stakeholders to develop an acceptable solution. In this paper we propose that conceptual business models can be used to support such argumentation. We also stress that such conceptual models must use terms natural to the user to support such argumentation. This paper describes a method to develop such customized models using supply chains as an example. Supply chain operations are now critical in many industries to ensure that any process is supplied with all necessary inputs and all products are delivered on time to customers. Operators need to be continuously aware of changing market requirements, operations of status, as well as compliance requirements through all stages of the supply chain. This is especially the case in meat livestock supply chains where compliance to international standards is critical and delivery of livestock in healthy conditions.

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Paper in Conference Proceedings or in Workshop Proceedings (Poster)
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2018 Australasian Computer Science Week
Knowledge Engineering
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Brisbane, Australia
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January 2018
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