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Field of Research

The Chair of Future Communication focuses its research on the design, the operation, and the engineering of future communication networks. It’s major research areas are:

  • the architecture of the Future Internet,
  • network virtualization, network federation and future network control planes,
  • performance evaluation of communication networks (measurements, event-based simulation, analytical analysis),
  • P2P algorithms (mediation, resource exchange, mobile/wireline content distribution),
  • algorithms for self-organization,
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE),
  • traffic-oriented network management, and
  • network security (architecture and performance evaluation).

The Chair of Future Communication is a member of the European Network of Excellence “EuroNF” and associated to the European Celtic project “MEVICO”. Additionally, the Chair is partner in the GpENI project (part of the GENI project), and contributes to other national and international Future Internet projects such as EIFFEL (Europe), G-Lab (Germany), and Akari /CoreLab (Japan).


Future Communication

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