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Cloud Process Execution Engine
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2010 -
Research Group Workflow Systems and Technology

The CPEE is a Cloud Process Execution Engine that binds WEE to a RESTful interface and and message/event/subscription-based interaction model.

The CPEE-Cockpit serves as a demonstrator for the RESTful interface of the CPEE. It is a standalone HTML5 Website, that works in Firefox 4.0 and above after.

The CPEE-Cockpit together with a running CPEE instance can be found here.




The WEE is a lightweight Workflow Execution Engine library. It can be used to build Workflow Engines, or more general Process Aware Information Systems.

  • It has been designed to be flexible to foster the trying out of new ideas (in a research context).
  • It has been designed to be lightweight. ~700 lines of code. Small is easy to maintain.
  • It has been designed as a teaching tool.
  • It is easy to use, self-contained and runs on all major platforms.
  • It is efficient.
    • Startup in less than 10 ms.
    • A running instance consumes less than 2 MiB memory.
  • It beats all major workflow engines when it comes to control-flow patterns.
  • It is heavily multi-threaded and hence scales well on multicore architectures.



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