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Greater social cohesion in the Central Europe area may be attained through activities in several sectors, telemedicine among them. Cooperation with international partners and regional forerunners and facilitation of transnational cooperation through health, may lead to innovative and shared solutions in the field of telemedicine, thus contributing to geographical integration among the involved regions. The deployment, testing and adoption of scalable and portable e-health instruments at regional/local level becomes a priority for health services providers.


SPES project implements tele-health and entertainment platform in 4 cities: Ferrara, Vienna, Brno and Kosice, focusing on the following diseases: respiratory problems dementia, handicapped people and social exclusion.

SPES aims at transferring the approach and results achieved in the implementation of the OLDES. project. The OLDES project (Older People’s e-services at home - www.oldes.eu ) funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme, has developed a new technological solution, designed to ease the life of older people in their homes, by creating a platform able to provide the elderly an easy to use entertainment and health care platform. OLDES platform is based on low cost pc and “friendly” graphical user interface, providing the patient with a user entertainment system interacting with the call centre through a central server and a telemedicine system, collecting medical data through sensors deployed at the patients’ home.


Patients will have the opportunity to test an easy-to-use telemedicine solution, lowering their displacement costs and the time necessary for going to care service providers (hospitals, grand physicians, medical centres) improving their daily life and general well being.

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

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