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Transcript of records & proof of academic achievement

Transcript of records

Students can print out their transcript of records at home via u:space > personal matters > my documents.

Proof of academic achievement

  • In general, the current transcript of records serves as proof of performance
  • In addition, students can also print out a confirmation of courses passed via u:space

An English transcript of records can only be issued if the curriculum is structured in modules or if the records have been entered in English already. Students can print out their English transcript of records via u:space, simply by switching to the English version of the website.

Evidence of academic achievement for residence permits (Bestätigung des Studienerfolges)

This document confirming a student’s academic success may be presented at district and police authorities, in order to obtain a new residence permit. Recognitions of courses and exams taken at other universities are not taken into account since the document includes only exams taken at the University of Vienna.

Service point: StudyServiceCenter
Form: Bestätigung des Studienerfolges gemäß § 2 Abs. 1 lit.b des Familienlastenausgleichsgesetzes 1967
Important: Students have to attend 8 weekly hours per semester (Semesterwochenstunden) a year!
Duration: Instantly available

SB-Terminals (self-service terminals)

The SB-Terminals are located at:

  • Universität Wien Main Building, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien, side entrance on the right-hand side, court (Hof) IV, staircase 6, basement (Tiefparterre), corridor between Audi Max and Admission Office

Students with an active u:space account can print out the following documents (during opening hours of the building):

  • Transcript of records
  • confirmation of courses passed
  • student record sheet (Studienblatt)
  • confirmation of study
  • payment form (for the tuition fee/students’ union fee)
  • semester sticker

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