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Computer Science Master – a study guide


Duration: 4 semesters
Required coursework: 120 ECTS
Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Language: English

» Admission requirements

General procedure

Basically, every student must follow these administrative steps in the following order:

1. Admission procedure

To be admitted to a master‘s programme students must have completed an eligible bachelor‘s or diploma programme at a recognised post-secondary educational institution. Information about eligible diplomas can be found in the curriculum of the degree programme or in the Master Access Guide (p. 7). If you are applying with other diplomas, the directorate of studies will decide individually on admission.

At the University of Vienna your application can be

  1. approved,
  2. approved under special conditions or
  3. rejected.

If your admission is subject to specific conditions, additional courses of a maximum of 30 ECTS credits need to be completed during the master’s programme to compensate for missing knowledge.

The admission procedure and required documents depend on the degree programme for which you want to apply, the location of your previous studies and the citizenship you hold. Basically, it consists of the following steps:

  1. Online pre-registration 
  2. Application for admission
  3. Receiving an official notice about the admission decision
  4. Personal admission (having received a positive admission notice)
  5. Paying tuition/Students’ Union fee

Please bear in mind the respective deadlines and admission period.

2. Studying

  • Continuation of studies
    In order to continue their studies and have access to their study documents, students have to pay the tuition fee/students' union fee within the admission deadlines of each semester.

  • Curriculum and courses
    The study programme consists of individual courses which are structured in thematic modules. Towards the end of their studies, students must write a master’s thesis and pass their master’s examination. The structure and course contents are specified in detail in the Curriculum, including information on interdependencies between courses and course requirements.

  • Completion of courses
    The courses offered each semester can be found in the Course Directory of the University of Vienna. Students can choose from the courses offered and put together their individual semester schedule. The semester schedule proposed by the Faculty is a recommendation which takes into account all course requirements and interdependencies between courses. The successful completion of all courses specified in the curriculum is required in order to be able to take the master’s examination. A specific proof of completion is required only for free elective courses and compensatory courses.

  • Selection of alternative courses (Wahlmodule)
    The Computer Science and Media Informatics curriculum offers a wide range of alternative courses to choose from. Selection is based on the so-called “Wahlmodulgruppen” (Clusters). Students are required to mail a proposal of their selected courses to the Directorate of Studies beforehand (see curriculum paragraph 3a). The following » form "Modules Computer Science" has to be filled out and sent to informatik.spl[at]univie.ac.at before registering for courses.
  • Transcript of records & proof of academic achievement
    Grades, examination dates, examiner and ECTS points of all courses and exams taken are noted in the transcript of records (provided the student was registered for the exam). The transcript of records serves as proof of performance for public authorities (e.g. tax office, scholarship office). Students can print out their transcript of records via u:space.

  • Master's thesis registration
    The topic of the master’s thesis must be selected according to the specifications in the Curriculum. Students should choose a topic that can be completed within a period of 6 months as well as a suitable supervisor. The next step is to announce the topic and the supervisor (submit the master's thesis registration form to the StudyServiceCenter). Upon approval by the Directorate of Studies the student can start working on the thesis.

    • Submission and approval of a master's thesis (“Approbation”)
      In consultation with the supervisor, the completed master's thesis can be submitted to the StudyServiceCenter at any time. The two-step submission procedure includes submitting an electronic as well as a printed version of the thesis. “Approbation” is a multi-step procedure that starts with the submission of the master's thesis and ends with its assessment and evaluation.

    3. Master's examination

    After successful completion of the master’s thesis and all courses required in the Curriculum, students can register for the master’s examination. A specific proof of completion is required only for free elective courses and compensatory courses – all other course details are already listed in the transcript of records. The officia registration for the master’s examination serves as a confirmation of the examination date fixed and approved by all persons involved.

    4. Completion of the master’s degree

    For a student, the study programme is completed when the master’s examination has been successfully absolved. At that point all the required documents are already at the StudyServiceCenter or will be transferred automatically. After receiving a notification, students can pick up their documents at the StudyServiceCenter.

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