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Towards a Framework for Detecting Containment Violations in Service Choreography


In the design and development of service oriented applications, service choreography models describe the interactions between services at different abstraction levels. These models are usually created and evolved independently by different stakeholders and consequently deviations occur among models such as message not received and incompatible behaviours. It is therefore crucial to detect and resolve the deviations before actual implementation and deployment is undertaken. This paper presents a containment checking approach that verifies whether the behaviour (or interactions) described by the local choreography models collectively encompasses those specified in the global model. Previous studies have not considered the containment relationship between global and local choreography models. The proposed approach performs automated transformation of service choreography models into formal descriptions and consistency constraints for leveraging the analytical powers of model checking techniques for the containment verification. The approach provides more informative and comprehensive feedbacks to the stakeholders for identification of containment problems and their resolutions. The applicability of the approach is demonstrated through use case scenarios of ATM machine, travel booking and order processing systems.

Grafik Top
Grafik Top
Paper in Conference Proceedings or in Workshop Proceedings (Paper)
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14th IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, SCC 2017
Software Architecture
Informatik Allgemeines
Software Engineering
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Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
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25 - 30 June 2017
25 June 2017
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