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Welcome at the research group Theory and Applications of Algorithms

The research group Theory and Applications of Algorithms focuses on the following research topics:

  • Efficient algorithms and data structures
  • Algorithmic mechanism design
  • Data mining in Computational Science
  • Reliable distributed algorithms and their application in practice
  • High performance/distributed numerical algorithms

A list of our publications is available here.

News & Events

ICAPS 2018

The paper "Algorithms and Conditional Lower bounds for Planning Problems" by Krishnendu Chatterjee, Wolfgang Dvořák, Monika Henzinger, Alexander Svozil has been accepted...

Feb 2 2018
Dr. Christian Schulz erhält Heinz-Billing-Preis 2017

Dr. Christian Schulz (Forschungsgruppe TAA & KIT) erhielt den Preis für sein Programmsystem "KaHIP – Karlsruhe High Quality Partitioning". Die Fakultät gratuliert.

Oct 27 2017
Wilfried Gansterer zum Universitätsprofessor berufen

Gemäß § 99 Abs. 4 UG ist es möglich, in einem kompetitiven für assoziierte ProfessorInnen vorgesehenen Berufungsverfahren eine im Entwicklungsplan festgelegte Anzahl von...

Oct 16 2017
2 papers accepted at ALENEX 2018

The following two papers will appear at the Meeting on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX) 2018:

Practical Minimum Cut Algorithms by Monika Henzinger, Alexander Noe,...

Oct 10 2017
4 papers accepted at SODA 2018

The following four papers will appear at the ACM-IAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) 2018:

Oct 3 2017
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