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International Colloqium on Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP) 2016

The following paper will appear at ICALP 2016:

"Graph Minors for Preserving Terminal Distances Approximately - Upper and Lower Bounds" by Yun Kuen Cheung, Gramoz...

May 30 2016
Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC) 2016

The following two papers will appear at STOC 2016:

"New Deterministic Approximation Algorithms for Fully Dynamic Matching" by Sayan Bhattacharya, Monika Henzinger, and...

May 30 2016
LICS 2016

The paper "Model and Objective Separation with Conditional Lower Bounds: Disjunction is Harder than Conjunction" by Krishnendu Chatterjee, Wolfgang Dvořák, Monika...

Apr 8 2016

The paper "Maximizing a Submodular Function with Viability Constraints"

by Wolfgang Dvořák, Monika Henzinger and David P. Williamson has been accepted for publication...

Sep 23 2015
WINE 2015

Two papers of our group have been accepted for the 11th Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE 2015).


"Envy-free Auctions with Mediators"

by Oren Ben-Zwi,...

Sep 23 2015
ICALP 2015

The paper "Improved Algorithms for Decremental Single-Source Reachability on Directed Graphs" by  Monika Henzinger, Sebastian Krinninger and Danupon Nanongkai and...

Apr 24 2015
VCM Relay Survivers

Martin, Veronika, Ulli and Rudi

Apr 16 2015

The paper "An Expressive Mechanism for Auctions on the Web" by Paul Duetting, Monika Henzinger, and Ingmar Weber has been accepted to ACM Transactions on Economics...

Mar 31 2015
Theoretical Computer Science

The paper "Truthful Unit-Demand Auctions with Budgets Revisited"  by Monika Henzinger, and Veronika Loitzenbauer as been accepted to Theoretical Computer Science.

Mar 31 2015
LICS 2015

The paper "Improved Algorithms for One-Pair and k-Pair Streett Objectives" by Krishnendu Chatterjee, Monika Henzinger, and Veronika Loitzenbauer has been accepted to...

Mar 31 2015
STOC 2015

The paper "Unifying and Strengthening Hardness for Dynamic Problems via An Online Matrix-Vector Multiplication Conjecture" by Monika Henzinger, Sebastian...

Feb 18 2015
Euro-Par 2014

The paper "Analysis and Comparison of Truly Distributed Solvers for Linear Least Squares Problems on Wireless Sensor Networks" by Karl Prikopa, Hana Straková and...

Dec 11 2014
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