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Initiative group: Computational Optimization


The goal of this Initiativkolleg (IK) is to give the collegiate assistants a comprehensive training in optimization with special emphasis on algorithmic and computational aspects.  
The composition of the members makes sure that practically all aspects of optimization are covered and will allow to the collegiate assistants to work on topics touching more than one of these aspects. By working in the IK, they will get an integrated view of the different streams of optimization theory and applications and their implementation in modern computational environments.

The different areas of optimization covered by the members of the program are:

  1. Combinatorial Optimization (Henzinger, Ljubic),
  2. Global Optimization (Bomze, Neumaier, Schichl),
  3. Heuristic Optimization (Neumaier, Pflug, Schichl),
  4. Nonlinear Optimization (Bomze, Neumaier),
  5. Stochastic Optimization (Pflug),
  6. Algorithmic Game Theory (Bomze, Henzinger),
  7. Optimization for intelligent Data Analysis (Bomze, Henzinger, Ljubic).
  • Institut für Statistik und Operations Research
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