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Dipl.-Math. Dipl.-Inform. Dr. Christian Schulz
Research and teaching staff
Universität Wien
Research Group Theory and Applications of Algorithms
Room: 6.31
Währingerstraße 29, Wien
T +43-1-4277-78324


I am mostly doing algorithm engineering, i.e., I work on the design, implementation and analysis of efficient algorithms; "analysis" can be both theoretical and experimental. Topics I often touch:

  • Parallel processing and communication in networks
  • Solving problems with "irregular" structure
  • Randomized algorithms

In particular, I often look at problems in the cloud of the following:

  • (Hyper-)Graph Partitioning and Graph Clustering
  • Independent Sets, Longest Paths, Graph Generation, Matchings
  • Graph Drawing
  • Minimum Cuts
  • Process Mapping

An almost up to date list of my publications and academic activities can be found in my CV.

Student Theses

We have a lot of theses available for students. You typically should have a large interest in algorithms and data structures, excellent programming skills in C++ and most importantly the ability to think for yourself. Please send me an email if you want to start with us. Currently open topics include:

  • Graph compression
  • Linear-time graph drawing
  • Speedup techniques for irregular sparse All-To-All or other collective operations
  • Dynamic matching algorithms
  • Dynamic all-pair electrical flows in practice
  • Local Search for the Weighted Independent Set Problem
  • Multi-constraint graph partitioning

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6 Publications

Journal Papers

  • Lamm, Sebastian and Sanders, Peter and Schulz, Christian and Strash, Darren and Werneck, Renato F. J. Heuristics, 23 (4). pp. 207-229 ISSN 1381-1231 (2017)
  • Meyerhenke, Henning and Sanders, Peter and Schulz, Christian IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst., 28 (9). pp. 2625-2638 ISSN 1045-9219 (2017)
  • Conference Papers/Workshop Papers

  • Henzinger, Monika and Noe, Alexander and Schulz, Christian and Strash, Darren In: 2018 20th Workshop on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX) , January 7-8, 2018 , New Orleans, USA (2018)
  • Schulz, Christian and Träff, Jesper Larsson In: 16th Symposium on Experimental Algorithms (SEA) 2017 , June 21–23, 2017 , London, UK (2017)
  • Sanders, Peter and Schulz, Christian and Strash, Darren and Williger, Robert In: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO 2017 , July 15-19 2017 , Berlin, Germany (2017)
  • Moreira, Orlando and Popp, Merten and Schulz, Christian In: 16th Symposium on Experimental Algorithms (SEA) 2017 , June 21–23, 2017 , London, UK (2017)
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