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Joseph Pober takes research internship in Canada (to extend bachelor thesis)

Jun 2 2016

Joseph Pober dealt in his Bachelor thesis with the visual analysis of gene sequence data within a framework called VisRSeq. After finishing his bachelor thesis he went to Canada to extend some of his ideas and to more closely work with biologists. Between September 2015 and February 2016, he took up an internship at the at the Biomedical Research Centre in Vancouver.

There, he contributed to improving the software VisRSeq to allow for parameter space analysis, which is a technique to help users better understand computational algorithms by letting them see the influence of individual parameters on the produced output. This was accompanied by improvements to the general design of the program and also to give it a more polished look, by introducing visualization techniques to already existing parts of the software.

The experience at the Biomedical Research Centre gave Joseph the possibility to gather insights into the scientific working and publishing process. It helped him get a better understanding of what it actually means to become a researcher. According to him: "I previously was unsure if I actually wanted to pursue a career in academia and research. The people I worked with were great and the work really interesting, both things that sold me on the idea of becoming a researcher in the future."

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