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Presentation at TU Eindhoven

Jan 6 2017

Stefanie Rinderle-Ma will give a presentation at the Technical University of Eindhoven on 16th of January 2017, 2pm. Title and abstract are:


Title: From Intra to Inter Process Compliance: Dealing with Constraints Spanning Multiple Instances, Processes, or Organizations


Abstract: The majority of existing process compliance approaches considers intra-instance constraints, i.e., constraints that are imposed for each instance of the same process type in a separated manner. However, in many application areas such as logistics or manufacturing it becomes necessary to impose constraints across several instances of the same or different process type, specifically, if these instances share resources or for security reasons. Moreover, constraints might be imposed in inter-organizational settings in order to specify and enforce dependencies between different partners in a business network. This talk will present challenges and research directions based on experiences of two research projects, i.e., CRISP on process compliance for instance and process-spanning constraints as well as C3Pro on the compliance of inter-organizational processes. 


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