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Statistical Analysis of Multi-Material Components using Dual Energy CT


This work describes a novel method for statistical analysis of multi-material components. The application scenario is industrial 3D X-ray computed tomography, emphasizing metrology of artefact affected plastics-metal components. The presented work makes use of dual energy CT data acquisition for artefact reduction, in order to optimize CT scans of multi-material components. Using statistical analysis, information on uncertainty is introduced, which allows detailed characterizations of single materials as well as material interfaces. The major contribution of this paper is the development of a specific pipeline based on the dual exposure technique of dual energy CT. After prefiltering and multi-scan fusion, the statistical analysis step computes probability volumes of the fused data using a local histogram analysis technique. The application areas as well as the achieved precision of the presented method are depicted using a test specimen and a real world component.

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VMV 2008, Vision, Modeling and Visualization
Visualization and Data Analysis
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Konstanz, Deutschland
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October 8 - 10, 2008
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pp. 179-188
October 2008
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