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On visual quality of optimal 3D sampling and reconstruction


This paper presents a user study of the visual quality of an imaging pipeline employing the optimal body-centered cubic (BCC) sam- pling lattice. We provide perceptual evidence supporting the the- oretical expectation that sampling and reconstruction on the BCC lattice offer superior imaging quality over the traditionally popular Cartesian cubic (CC) sampling lattice. We asked 12 participants to choose the better of two images: one image rendered from data sampled on the CC lattice and one image that is rendered from data sampled on the BCC lattice. We used both synthetic and CT vol- umetric data, and confirm that the theoretical advantages of BCC sampling carry over to the perceived quality of rendered images. Using 25% to 35% fewer samples, BCC sampled data result in im- ages that exhibit comparable visual quality to their CC counterparts.

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  • Tai Meng
  • Benjamin Smith
  • Alireza Entezari
  • Arthur E. Kirkpatrick
  • Daniel Weiskopf
  • Leila Kalantari
  • Torsten Möller
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Graphics Interface 2007
Visualization and Data Analysis
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28 - 30 May 2007
May 2007
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