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OCP: Visualization for Operative Curricula Planning at Universities


This thesis takes an exploratory approach to investigating the domain of operative student-related planning at universities. Several stakeholders of the planning process have been interviewed to identify the tasks they face in their work and the problems they encounter. A summary of all tasks and problems is given to establish a point of reference for future works in that domain. The task of operational semester planning was chosen to be supported by the OCP tool. The tool was created iteratively in a constant feedback-loop with the experts involved in operative planning. Design choices at the different stages are shown and the decisions and details regarding the design as well as the implementation of the tool are stated. OCP has been evaluated by planning experts of different fields of the university and could not only ease the process of planning, but also allowed experts to use it as a novel way of exploring and interpreting different aspects of the planning dataset. Finally the insights of the iterative design process are presented and more extended features of operative planning are stated as potential starting points for more future work in that field.

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Thesis (Masters)
Visualization and Data Analysis
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Angewandte Informatik
March 2017
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