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Multimedia presentations for consumer information become of more and more

importance at public places such as airports, train-stations, etc..

Additionally it is of interest to distribute consumer information to mobile

devices like mobile phones and personal digital assistants. Some of these

output channels may be interactive while others are only passive.


In order to provide large variety of distributed devices with suitable

content economically, a multimedia information system is needed. The system

is responsible for the management of the media, metadata describing the

media and its contents, and the different output devices. The system must

allow the (semi-automatic) selection of appropriate media, its composition

into programs, the automatic distribution of the content to the specific

devices, and its presentation.


The overall objective of the project is the development of a prototype of

such a multimedia information system. The part of our group

is the design and implementation of a multimedia repository that forms the

core of the system. In particular, we are concerned with

a media management component, a generic metadata management component, as

well as a component for the management of

programs that are adaptable to the characteristics of the different output


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