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The SPRINT project aims at a holistic understanding of security requirements in Process-Aware Information Systems. In particular, we look at

  • the definition, verification, and enforcement of security policies such as separation and binding of duties 
  • monitoring security requirements during runtime
  • supporting users in performing security-related tasks by adequate visualizations

In this project we cooperate with the Secure Business Austria Competence Center (SBA) and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).


  • Dr. Maria Leitner, Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Zhendong Ma, Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Strembeck, WU Vienna and SBA Research

New research interests focus on the extraction and modeling of privacy requirements, specifically in the context of PAIS.

Primary literature list

Content Analysis Code

Systematic Review on Security in Process-Aware Information Systems:

The following literature list is used in the systematic literature review in the article Maria Leitner and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma: A Systematic Review on Security in Process-Aware Information Systems - Constitution, Challenges, and Future Directions (2013) submitted to the Information and Software Technology journal.

Literature List of Systematic Review on Security in Process-Aware Information Systems

Literature list of primary search for literature review on privacy requirements elicitation



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