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ACaPlan is a joint research project conducted by the Research Group Workflow Systems and Technology and the Pflegezentrum St. Pölten - Pottenbrunn GmbH. ACaPlan is partly funded by the FFG through an Innovationsscheck.

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ACaPlan short description: Today the generation of individual care plans is mostly a cost and time-consuming task. The ACaPlan project aims at investigating the realization of an automatic decision support system for care models and diagnoses. Important objectives of the ACaPlan project are

  • formalization of care plans
  • automatic analysis of historical patient data
  • (semi-)automatic creation of patient-specific care processes

Reaching these goals will result in a significant reduction of the time that is consumed by the associated administrative tasks and, in turn, in increased time that physicians and care personnel can spend with the patients. Initial to the ACaPlan project is a Master thesis that contributes the formalization of the NANDA standard. This enables the subsequent execution of the care process instances within the flexible process engine CPEE. The options to adapt the care process instances at runtime perfectly reflects the dynamic nature of the care process and builds the fundament for subsequent analysis applying data as well as process mining techniques.

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