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DIALOGUE (Data Integration Applications: Linking Organizations to Gain Understanding and Experience) creates a ground for international workshops, inter-site visits, and research sharing to realize broad standards and interoperating core software toolkits designed to enable global data access and integration (DAI). DIALOGUE represents a major international effort to push DAI tools and standards into new territory, envisioning more ambitious data integration architectures, well-adapted for semantic grids, simulation, analysis, data mining, and visualization.

DIALOGUE also fosters development of technical reports to capture, develop, share, and publish the innovations and understandings that arise, in order to incrementally produce a roadmap for future DAI development and provide accessible input to future projects and standards. The long-range goal is to bring together researchers and developers to create a framework that composes a range of complementary technologies and research efforts in order to make these readily available to researchers and scientific organizations world-wide.

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2005 - 2007
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