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Multimedia content such as a multimedia travel guide, multimedia e-learning course, multimedia advertisement today is becoming more and more popular. The composition of multimedia material into a meaningful presentation, however, results in fixed presentations in a typically proprietary format for a fixed audience.

This research project is concerned with concepts for dynamically generating personalized multimedia content. This addresses the need for more flexbile multimedia presentations that are targeted at a specific user group and suits the needs of their different end user devices.

In a first prototype we developed a personalized sightseeing tour of Vienna. Users visit a WebSite and select their favored region they want to see in Vienna by navigation in a map of the center of Vienna. On selection of a region, video sequences and asscoiated annotations of these sequences are read from a database and dynamically composed into a SMIL document which is then presented in the RealOnePlayer Plug-In in the Internet browser.

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