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CPAMMS - Computing Paradigms and Algorithms for Molecular Modeling and Simulation: Applications in Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Pharmacy" is an interdisciplinary research initiative in the areas of computational molecular modeling and simulation involving participants from the faculties of Computer Science, Chemistry and Life Sciences at the University of Vienna.

The focus of the project is on methodological questions in computational science and scientific computing, on the development of innovative methods and computational technologies and on their application in selected molecular modeling and simulation problems in Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Pharmacy.

Participating Institutions:

  • Research Lab Computational Technologies and Applications, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Institute of Scientific Computing, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry
  • Department of Biomolecular Structural Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry
  • Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Life Sciences


CPAMMS is one of five 3-year projects established in the context of the special university focus area "Computational Science" of the University of Vienna. They were chosen based on a peer-review process following a call for project proposals. 



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2006 - 2009
Research Group Theory and Applications of Algorithms
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