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Einladung zum WST-Talk "My Travels in Sonification, Signification, and Aesthetics"

Oct 19 2017

von Paul Vickers (Northumbria University), am 14.11.2017 um 10:00 | PC-Raum 5, Währinger Straße 29, 1090 Wien.

In this talk I will give an introduction to sonification and auditory display using examples from my own research practice to illustrate the concepts. I will share something of my history with the field starting with my own PhD research and ending with work I am currently doing which has not yet been published. We will cover basic terminology at the beginning and will end with some thoughts on the more philosophical aspects of sonification, especially the place of aesthetics and perception. The talk will assume no prior knowledge of the field but (I hope) attendees will come away with an appreciation of what sonification can do and what some of the leading edge developments are.

Dr. Dr. Paul Vickers is currently a Reader in Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science & Digital Technologies where he has worked since 2001.

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