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The SeaFlows project aims at supporting Business Process Compliance throughout the entire process life cycle. It offers the Compliance Rule Graph (CRG) formalism as a user-friendly means to model compliance rules in a graph-based manner maintaining the mental map of users. CRGs are equipped with formal semantics and can be verified over process models based on traces. During runtime, CRGs can be monitored and fine-grained feedback can be provided to users. All concepts are implemented as plug in of the adaptive process management system AristaFlow.

The SeaFlows project has been conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Databases and Information Systems, University of Ulm (link). The project has been partly funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).

Involved persons:

  • Linh Thao Ly
  • Peter Dadam
  • David Knuplesch
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