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Aggregated Change Trees Experiment

  • Group 1: The questions and correct answers for group 1 can be found here.
  • Group 2: The questions and correct answers for group 2 can be found here.
  • Experiment Results: The results of the experiment for the evaluation of the aggregated change tree can be found here.

Other Evaluation Data Sets

  • Apelands: The full results of our expert interviews can be found here.
  • Change Tree: The logs for the evaluation of the change tree and n-gram change tree approach can be found here.

Project Description

Flexibility is a highly researched topic, since it is well known that business processes have to be able to adapt according to changing requirements. Basically, two scenarios can be distinguished: (1) process instances are instantiated and executed based on a common schema (e.g. in administrative systems) or (2) each process instance follows its own, non-repeatable schema (e.g. in the elder care domain). Latter usually develop from a process skeleton containing the necessary tasks at the initialization of the instance, and are adapted on the fly during instance execution. This process type can be found in a multitude of different business areas, including the following:

  • Elder care: Each patient has his own therapy process, where his individual therapy plan is executed and documented. Whenever new symptoms arise his, and only his, therapy process instance has to be adapted on the fly in order to cope with the situation.
  • Software Development and Support: For each customer there exists an individual support process instance which is adapted every time he has a  problem with the product.
  • Hotel and Event Management: Just as each customer has his own support process, a comparable process is also conceivable for the hotel and event management: Based on wishes, suggestions and complaints by regular guests, a customer specific process instance has to be adapted, so his future stays or events at the hotel will be as optimal as possible.
  • Manufacturing: In companies where products are individually produced according to a specific customers requirements, the planning and production process of each product has to be highly adaptive in order to deal with changing requirements and supplier situations.

It can be observed that these use cases deal with individual subjects with individual requirements such as patients, customers, guests or unique products. The goal of this project is to support the person responsible for adapting such a unique process instance (e.g. the nurse in the elder care domain) in finding the best adaption for the process instance at hand.

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