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The CRISP project is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the definition, enactment, and evolution of instance-spanning constraints (ISC) in flexible Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS). The sources for ISC are manifold, e.g., in the manufacturing, the logistics, and the smart grid domain. Think, for example, of the bundling and unbundling of goods in delivery processes or the enforcement of therapy relations across patient processes.

The main challenges addressed in the CRISP project are the 

  • Variety of the application scenarios, i.e., ISC between instances of one process, between different process versions, or even between different process types
  • Volume of the information, i.e., covering thousands of instances for large-scale process scenarios
  • Dynamism of the scenarios, i.e., enabling the flexible definition and enforcement of ISC during runtime
  • Robustness, i.e., the correct and consistent execution of affected processes must be ensured at any time (design time, run time, change time)

The CRISP project is funded by the The Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Technologiefonds (WWTF) with € 500.000 and for a duration of 36 months (project number ICT15-072) Information on the project provided by the WWTF can be found here

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