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Providing adequate access control mechanisms plays an important role in today’s Information Systems (IS), for example, for granting rights for executing activities in process-oriented IS. Although different approaches for access control exist, one important aspect has been neglected so far: access rules are often to be changed in practical scenarios. Examples comprise changes in human resources, merging of organizational units or outsourcing. Thus, mechanisms for modifying access control mechanisms in IS are crucial.  These mechanisms should be applicable at design and runtime. Furthermore, changes of organizational structures must be conducted in a controlled manner, i.e., undesired effects arising after changes must be identified and treated properly in order to avoid security problems in the sequel.

The OCIS project focuses on the development of a framework for organizational change in a controlled manner. Furthermore, the compliance of access control structures with authorization constraints such as separation of duties is to be investigated, particularly in interplay with organizational evolution. Necessary adaptations after organizational changes (e.g., modifying user work lists) are to be elaborated for user assistance and must be also evaluated by means of extensive performance evaluations. 


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