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The C³Pro project addresses the change and compliance of collaborative (i.e., inter-organizational) business processes at both design time and runtime. Similar to intra-organizational business processes, consistency and correctness of collaborative processes are of central interest. Additionally, the propagation of process changes to already running process instances and over organizational boundaries constitutes a major challenge in this scenario. C³Pro further elaborates on how to model, integrate, and verify compliance rules imposed on collaborative business processes to ensure business process compliance with respect to the privacy and autonomy of the involved business partners. The results on flexibility and compliance of collaborative business processes are integrated into a comprehensive approach that enables changes of collaborative processes without violating their compliance with imposed compliance rules.
Altogether the C³Pro project will provide the basis for the practical application of business process management technology in collaborative and inter-organizational scenarios.

The C3Pro project is co-funded by the FWF (lead agency, project number I743) and the DFG.

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2011 - 2016
Research Group Workflow Systems and Technology
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