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The Special Research Program AURORA - Advanced Models, Applications and Software Systems for High Performance Computing - is an academic interdisciplinary research program supported by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The major focus of AURORA program relies on high-productivity languages, compilers, and tool development, in addition to applications and Grid computing.

The major motivation for establishing AURORA was to reduce the gap between the abstract formulation of scientific thought and the dominating low-level programming paradigm for High Performance Computing. Research has been guided by the insight that real progress in this field can only be achieved if application and algorithm developers work closely together with the designers of programming languages, compilers, and programming environments. Important achievements include the work on the language standard High Performance Fortran (HPF), together with the development of associated compilation and tool technology, the quantum-mechanical package WIEN2K licensed to more than 1000 users world-wide, the development of the parallel MCTDHF code package for few-electron dynamics, and the large-scale electronic structure calculation of high-Z metals on the BlueGene/L platform, which was awarded the Gordon Bell Prize in 2006.

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