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Towards Compliance of Cross-Organizational Processes and their Changes


Businesses require the ability to rapidly implement new pro- cesses and to quickly adapt existing ones to environmental changes in- cluding the optimization of their interactions with partners and cus- tomers. However, changes of either intra- or cross-organizational pro- cesses must not be done in an uncontrolled manner. In particular, pro- cesses are increasingly subject to compliance rules that usually stem from security constraints, corporate guidelines, standards, and laws. These compliance rules have to be considered when modeling business pro- cesses and changing existing ones. While change and compliance have been extensively discussed for intra-organizational business processes, albeit only in an isolated manner, their combination in the context of cross-organizational processes remains an open issue. In this paper, we discuss requirements and challenges to be tackled in order to ensure that changes of cross-organizational business processes preserve compliance with imposed regulations, standards and laws.

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Joint Workshop on Security in Business Processes (SBP 2012) in conjunction with BPM 2012
Workflow Systems and Technology
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