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Toward a Sonification Concept for Business Process Monitoring


Real-time monitoring of business processes poses several challenges, many of which (like observing process executions and at the same time focusing on other tasks) cannot be tackled with state-of-the-art, visualization-based process monitoring systems. Due to the inherent characteristics of process execution data - it is by definition time-based and sequential - as well as to the typical mode of monitoring business processes (in parallel to other tasks), sonification seems to be the perfect fit to enhance current visualization-based process monitoring with sonification. Therefore, this paper firstly tries to build a foundation by analyzing the task of business process monitoring as well as the data structure of process execution data. Based on these results, existing research that analyzes the usage of sonification techniques for data of similar structure is being studied in order to come to a list of recommendations that can serve as a guideline when building sonifications based on similar data. These recommendations are then being applied to the domain at hand and serve as an input for a first concept of a sonification-based business process monitoring system.

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Grafik Top
Paper in Conference Proceedings or in Workshop Proceedings
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19th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD 2013)
Workflow Systems and Technology
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Lodz, Poland
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Event Dates
6-10 July 2013
Lodz University of Technology Press
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pp. 323-330
July 2013
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