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On Enabling Compliance of Cross-organizational Business Processes


Process compliance deals with the ability of a company to ensure that its business processes comply with domain-specific regula- tions and rules. So far, compliance issues have been mainly addressed for intra-organizational business processes, whereas there exists only lit- tle work dealing with compliance in the context of cross-organizational processes that involve multiple business partners. As opposed to intra- organizational processes, for a cross-organizational process, compliance must be addressed at different modeling levels, ranging from interaction models to public process models to private processes of the partners. Ac- cordingly, there exist different levels for modeling compliance rules. In particular, we distinguish between local compliance rules of a particular partner and global compliance rules to be obeyed by all partners involved in the cross-organizational process. This paper focuses on checking the compliance of interaction models. For this purpose, we introduce the no- tion of compliability, which shall guarantee that an interaction model is not conflicting with a set of imposed global compliance rules

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Int'l Conference on Business Process Management 2013
Workflow Systems and Technology
Software Engineering
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
26 August 2013
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