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Memetic Algorithms for Mining Change Logs in Process Choreographies


The propagation and management of changes in process choreographies has been recently addressed as crucial challenge by several approaches. A change rarely continues itself to a single change, but triggers other changes in different partner processes. Specifically, it has been stated that with an increasing number of partner processes, the risk for transitive propagations and costly negotiations increases as well. In this context, utilizing past change events to learn and analyze the propagation behavior over process choreographies will help avoiding significant costs related to unsuccessful propagations and negotiation failures, of further change requests. This paper aims at the posteriori analysis of change requests in process choreographies by the provision of mining algorithms based on change logs. In particular, a novel implementation of the memetic mining algorithm for change logs, with the appropriate heuristics is presented. The results of the memetic mining algorithm are compared with the results of the actual propagation of the analyzed change events.

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Int'l Conference on Service-oriented Computing
Workflow Systems and Technology
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November 2014
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