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Optimizing Aesthetics and Precision in Sonification for Peripheral Process-Monitoring


We have developed the SoProMon process monitoring system to evaluate how real-time sonifications can increase awareness of process states and to support the detection and resolving of critical process situations. Our initial design conveys analogue information as process-data-driven soundscape that users can blend out in favor of a primary task, however the sonification attracts the user's attention even before things become critical. As result of a first user study we gained and present here insights into usability and acceptance of the sounds. Although effective, the aesthetic qualities were not rated highly. This motivated us to create a new design that sacrifices some functional aspects to emphasize long-term use compatibility. We present and compare the new designs and discuss our experiences in creating pleasant sonifications for this application area.

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Paper in Conference Proceedings or in Workshop Proceedings (Short Paper in Proceedings)
Event Title
International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD) 2015
Workflow Systems and Technology
Event Location
Graz, Austria
Event Type
Event Dates
8 - 10 July 2015
Series Name
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Auditory Display
Page Range
pp. 318-319
July 2015
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