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Dynamism in Inter-Organizational Service Orchestration - An Analysis of the State of the Art


Modern-day business is increasingly service-oriented. In this context, delivered services are increasingly complex in functionality, relying on a composition of underlying basic services. In many business domains, the basic services underlying a single composed service are provided by a set of autonomous business organizations, each delivering part of the functionality of the composed service. This requires inter-organizational service orchestration. To follow market dynamics, orchestrated complex services have to be dynamic as well: their specification changes to accommodate changing customer requirements, changing economic circumstances, and changing offerings of collaboration partners. To understand these dynamics in service orchestration, a well-structured framework is required. In this paper, we provide such a framework, based on a combination of developments in interorganizational business process management and service management. We use the framework to assess the state of the art in research by analyzing a set of general research approaches as well as a collection of concrete research projects in the domain of inter-organizational business process management and service orchestration.

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