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Multidimensional Process Mining: Questions, Requirements, and Limitations


Multidimensional process mining is an emerging approach that adopts the concept of data cubes to analyze processes from multi- ple views. This enables analysts to split event logs into a set of homoge- nous sublogs according to the case and event attributes. Each sublog is independently analyzed using process mining techniques resulting in an individual process model for each sublog. These models can be compared to identify group-related differences between the process variants. In this paper, we derive a number of general research questions addressed for multidimensional process mining by a literature review. We analyze the requirements for its application and point out its limitations and chal- lenges. We conduct two case studies applying multidimensional process mining in two different use cases to evaluate our findings.

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CAISE 2016 Forum
Workflow Systems and Technology
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June 2016
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CAISE 2016 Forum
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pp. 169-176
June 2016
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